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A Date With Gratitude

This past week was kind of tricky… While I absolutely love the self-improvement project I’ve been working on, I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by spending so much time cleaning out all the mental gunk that has built up over the years. As I’ve wandered deeper into my thoughts, it has left me feeling emotionally heavy. That’s why this weeks post is all about gratitude. I really need to take a break from thinking about how to better my life and focus on the awesome things that are already apart of each day.

I found this journal prompt a while ago and I think that is a perfect way to celebrate gratitude… I highly encourage all of you to take some time and answer these questions as well!

What knowledge are you grateful for?
At 30, I am grateful for the knowledge that everything is going to work out exactly how it is supposed to and the worrying is a complete and utter waste of time.

What place are you grateful for?
My childhood room, hands down, is the place I am most grateful for. My favorite thing to do was to cut things out of magazines and paste them into intricately crafted collages on my walls. I had shelves lined with various trinkets and Hello Kitty figurines, I painted the edges of my floor length mirror with a garland of cherries and above my bed were my pictures of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom as Legolas from LOTR. My room was a sanctuary and a place that I took so much pride in. I will forever remember that space as a safe haven.

What touch are you grateful for?
There are three things that come to mind when I think about the best feeling things. First is a foot rub after a long hike. If there is anything that will make me drool without fail, it is a much needed foot squeezing.  Another intoxicating touch is a brand new biscuit blanket. I think the material is just polyester but oh my, a brand new thrown blanket is like touching magic. And the third touch that I am grateful for is a patch of chest fur on my cat, Nebula. It’s so silky soft and such a luxurious feel. I love that little critter.

What sound are you grateful for?
One of the most enchanting sounds I have ever heard is my wind chime. Every morning when I wake up, I hear the light twinkling sound and it truly makes me smile. I associate that sound with fairies and magic. I think my love of wind chimes  stems directly from my Grandma. She has always had a huge, whimsical garden full of every flower you could imagine, colorful garden “gnomes” and dozens of wind chimes. It’s in our blood, I suppose.

What sight are you grateful for?
I have ALWAYS loved getting up in the morning, when it’s still dark outside, and watching the world wake up around me. Seeing the gorgeous jewel tones of dawn transform into a beautiful, bright morning is an essential part of my morning routine. Alternatively, the days leading up to the Solar Eclipse last year, we got to actually see the Milky Way above us. I was awestruck. I remember feeling as if I just realized that we live on this crazy little planet flying around in space… it was stunning and I am so grateful to have experienced something like that.

Who are you grateful for?
Justin- For jumping into this new lifestyle with me without question, for unconditional love and for being a shameless “cat person” with me.
My Grandma- For giving my siblings and I so much love and always giving us a safe place to call home.
Kristen- For adopting me in college and fearlessly being my best friend through our 20’s and beyond. She has seen me go through more phases than the moon and has always been on my side through every moment.
Courtney- For showing me that I deserve better and being a true ride or die.
Cara- For reconnecting and reminding me that we are all on this together and that shitty childhoods don’t mean you will have a shitty adulthood.
Mikaila- For teaching me not to give a shit what people think about me.
Sahra, Dakota and Adam- For sticking together when we lived in hell.
My parents- For working hard to support a big family.

Sometimes it’s nice to ask yourself a few questions in order to reconnect with gratitude. This is something that I need to do more often, if not everyday. Take a few minutes to ask yourself these same questions throughout your day… this life is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated.



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