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Archive for January 2018

What If Everything Works Out?

Hello friends!! Between the Love Your Life In 30 Days project and establishing a yoga/workout routine, this month went by in a flash! I was so focused on sticking to my schedule that, looking back, I realize how much I kicked ass all month and I’m actually really proud of myself. In reflection of these…

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A Date With Gratitude

This past week was kind of tricky… While I absolutely love the self-improvement project I’ve been working on, I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by spending so much time cleaning out all the mental gunk that has built up over the years. As I’ve wandered deeper into my thoughts, it has left me…

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Self Love and Intuitive Painting.

Happy Sunday everyone!! It’s finally sunny and beautiful outside, I hope everyone has had the chance to go outside and play this weekend! Yesterday, I stepped away to go visit one of my best friends. When I got there, the baby was napping so we actually got to sit outside with some hot tea and…

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The First Step Is A Well Mind.

Hello friends, I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday! In my last entry, I talked about things I learned in 2017 and how I want to focus on remaining in a peaceful and positive for 2018 and beyond. Since then, I have been participating in a project called “Love Your Life In 30 Days”…

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